Conference Attendee Guidelines

  • We request maintenance of professional decorum during the conference program. Please turn your mobile phone’s ringer off, while in the conference room, so as not to disturb the flow of the presentation or discussion.

    Smoking : Smoking is prohibited by law, in all indoor spaces in British Columbia, except those (very few) designated as Smoking Areas. Smoking is also restricted outdoors, near building entrances, and most public spaces. Please consult hotel staff for additional smoking directions.

    Fire / Security Emergency : In the event of an emergency – indicated by conference staff or general alarm –  please follow the direction of the conference staff, and / or proceed out the nearest emergency exit, and remain outside the facility, until instructed to return indoors by conference staff. Our “Muster” area is out the front doors of the hotel, across the roundabout, near the tennis courts.

    Behaviour Issues : Disruptive persons – combative, inappropriately loud – will be asked to alter their behaviors, or to remove themselves from the premises, by security staff; the local authorities may be contacted for further action. Those appearing to be intoxicated, will be asked to leave the conference premises; refunds will not be provided.

    Dress code : The conference is a professional / business event, and appropriate business wear is expected from conference attendees. “Business casual” is recommended for the evening social at the Maritime Museum.

    Additional Information : If you require additional information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to speak with a member of the conference staff; they will be identifiable by special coloured name tags.

    Email us your inquiry. You may reach your “resource person” on the organizing committee – for assistance – with items relating to …

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